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Scientific Linux

Один комментарий 3 июня 2010, 17:12 • English, Linux

Today something happened that I was worried in recent days — ext3 file system on the first drive was completely destroyed due to power failure. Unfortunately I not create a backup of my home folder, so it will have to begin life with a new sheet. Fortunately, there was nothing very important. Earlier on this work computer, I used Debian GNU/Linux, and now decided to try Scientific Linux. As long as my computer does not work, I asked my colleagues to download the distribution Scientific Linux 5.5 — this is my chance to take a closer look at the family RedHat-like operating systems.

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  1. Scientific Linux • 4 июня 2010 г. в 17:16

    [...] после разрушения файловой системы из-за сбоя питания на [...]

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