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Jovian GRS longitude

Комментариев нет 25 февраля 2013, 11:21 • English, Stellarium, Разное

Since in the list of my tasks is to improve display the location Jovian GRS into Stellarium, I'm make some research this issue. I admit that I somewhat puzzled by the results of this study.

So, I took from the website JUPOS data about measured positions for GRS for 2011, 2012 and early 2013 year (see Figure 1).

Longitude of the Great Red Spot

Figure 1. Longitude of the Great Red Spot.

According to this chart I made a small table, which has contains data on longitude of GRS beginning of each month measurements. Then I copied this table into SciDAVis and held interpolation this data. The results can be seen in Figure 2.

Change longitude of GRS over time

Figure 2. Change longitude of GRS over time.

Black line with dots marked measurements, the red line shows the result of interpolation (equation below).

Facts of acceleration and deceleration drift of GRS determined by oscillations of latitude, but I did not think that this fact will lead to an exponential function. Now I will be to take the measured data from the beginning of XIX century (since 1830 to be exact) and try to interpolate them, too. Maybe even I can do the extrapolation of the past and the future with an acceptable error, or find a suitable equation for approximation.

Note that the values of longitude of GRS given in the second system.

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