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Jovian GRS longitude

Комментариев нет 25 февраля 2013, 11:21 • English, Stellarium, Разное

Since in the list of my tasks is to improve display the location Jovian GRS into Stellarium, I'm make some research this issue. I admit that I somewhat puzzled by the results of this study.
So, I took from the website JUPOS data about measured positions for GRS for 2011, 2012 and early 2013 year (see []

Stellarium 0.12.0 available for testing

Комментариев нет 3 ноября 2012, 21:55 • English, Stellarium

Stellarium 0.12.0dev5 has been published today for testing by community. You can download installer for Windows (32- and 64-bits) and install the program parallel with version 0.11.x.
We need your opinion about some new features, like editable shortcuts and shadows. If you found bug or you have suggestion please report it in our tracker.
Main line []

Call to Stellarium's translators

Комментариев нет 11 августа 2012, 20:31 • English, Stellarium

We plan to release Stellarium 0.11.4 in a few weeks (some time around Aug 26).
There are many strings to translate this release because we have several new features and new plugin. If you can assist with translation to any of the 122 languages Stellarium supports, please go to Launchpad Translations and help us out:
Thank you!


Stellarium 0.11.3 for Mac OS X Leopard

Комментариев нет 31 июля 2012, 21:31 • English, Mac OS X, Stellarium

Today I built and published Stellarium 0.11.3 special for Mac OS X 10.5 «Leopard» for both 32-bit processors — PowerPC and Intel. Building was on old PowerBook G4 and that fact give Carbon version of Qt 4.7.3 — it's latest version for PowerPC Mac's.
If you run this packages on Mac OS X 10.6 or newest []

Stellarium: New test build

Комментариев нет 21 июля 2012, 23:37 • English, Stellarium

Today we are prepared a new test build of Stellarium for folks, who can help us with testing our planetarium. The binaries packages was prepared for Linux and Windows platforms — 32-bit packages for both platforms and 64-bit application for linux (for RPM-distros).
Current build based on revision 5453 and contains some bug fixes and []

Stellarium 0.11.2 Release Candidate 1

Комментариев нет 25 февраля 2012, 20:49 • English, Stellarium

The Stellarium team announces the first release candidate of Stellarium version 0.11.2

Barnaul on this evening

Комментариев нет 8 ноября 2011, 20:14 • English, ФотоБлог, Барнаул

Yesterday winter came in our city and it covered all the snow blanket. And now streets of our city look like this pictures...

Stellarium 0.11.1 has been released!

Комментариев нет 4 ноября 2011, 23:48 • English, Stellarium

The Stellarium team is proud to announce the release of version 0.11.1. This is an important bug fix release closing more than 20 bugs in the main application and in the plug-ins. It also brings small GUI usability improvements. A huge thanks to all community bug reporters who helped us a lot finding bugs! You []

Science cartoons

Комментариев нет 8 марта 2011, 22:29 • English, Юмор

NASA crash rocket into moon surface in the hope of finding water.
© Waters, Graham

One small step, one giant stomp.
© Greenberg, Steve

Debates of scientists

Комментариев нет 16 сентября 2010, 22:15 • English, Картинка, Физика, Юмор

No comments... Picture found on the Internet.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Popping Out All Over

Комментариев нет 23 августа 2010, 09:26 • Blogger, English, Астрономия

PICK OF THE WEEK: Popping Out All Over: "As the STEREO (Behind) spacecraft observed in extreme UV light, the Sun popped off no fewer than six eruptions over just two days... "

Neptune One Year Away From First Complete Orbit Since Discovery

Комментариев нет 22 августа 2010, 13:58 • Blogger, English, Астрономия

Neptune One Year Away From First Complete Orbit Since Discovery:
«Neptune will finally complete its first full orbit of the sun since it was discovered in 1846a approximately one year from now, according to NASA estimates.»