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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2016-01-29

Комментариев нет 29 января 2016, 23:15 • Twitter

RT @AboriginalAstro: #Aboriginal ceremonial grounds linked to the position of the Milky Way ->
Байер: Большая Медведица — жежешечка taurus'а ->
RT @NewUniverseD: China Is Set To Be First To Far Side Of The Moon ->
Байер: Дракон — жежешечка taurus'а ->
RT @PopMechanica: 10 потрясающих примеров камуфляжа животных: #Наука ->
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2016-01-22

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RT @HistAstro: Korean bronze mirror, 918-1392, decorated with cosmological design incl zodiac & solar terms https:/… ->
RT @shaunreylec: LBN 777 finally finished after very few clear nights ! 19 hours total exposure for this very feint Dark Nebula https://t.… ->
RT @ObservingSpace: The View Toward M106 #apod #galaxy #space ->
RT @GeekTimes_ru: Министр связи []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2016-01-15

Комментариев нет 15 января 2016, 23:15 • Twitter

RT @postnauka: Подборка лекций и статей о черных дырах, магнитарах и нейтронных звездах ->
RT @MIT: DYK? @mitlibraries' copy of Galileo's last book flew to space w/ @Astro_Mike SM'88, PhD'92!… ->
RT @habrahabr: К вопросу об опенсорсе: Выкладывайте ваш код, сделайте вклад в развитие IT-индустрии.… ->
RT @Libroantiguo: Sir William Herschel and Caroline Herschel (British astronomers []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2016-01-08

Комментариев нет 8 января 2016, 23:15 • Twitter

RT @HistAstro: Folding plate from Benjamin Martin’s "Institutions of Astronomical Calculations" (London, 1773) @MHSOxford.… ->
RT @postnauka: Подборка лекций и статей о черных дырах, темном веществе и параллельных вселенных:… ->
RT @MinorPlanetCtr: Asteroid 2015 YC10 flyby in ~ 30 mins (Jan 4 at 15:19 UT). Dist: 10.37 LD. Size: 21-65 m. ->
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2016-01-01

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RT @shaunreylec: NGC 1579 LRGB, happy Christmas peeps, clear skies ->
RT @Libroantiguo: Charles Babbage, best remembered for originating the concept of a programmable computer, was born #OnThisDay in 1791 http… ->
@astro_bloke Merry Christmas and a happy new year too! in reply to astro_bloke ->
RT @SkyandTelescope: #OrionNebula No. 63 (Herb Bubert) ->
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-12-25

Комментариев нет 25 декабря 2015, 23:15 • Twitter

RT @IAU_org: Pulsar PSR 1257+12 has a new name! Find it on our new infographic poster for #NameExoWorlds https://t.… ->
RT @earthskyscience: 2015 Geminids best in recent years!
Marko Korosec of Slovenia saw 150-200 meteors per hour. h… ->
RT @postnauka: Теплофизик Виктор Зайченко о получении водорода, пироуглероде и распределенной энергетике https://t… ->
RT @shaunreylec: Whale and Hockey stick, in []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-12-18

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NASA | Moon Phases 2016, Northern Hemisphere — 4K ->
RT @mpopp75: We are on the best way from one de facto monopoly to the next de facto monopoly. #ChomeIsTheNewIE ->
RT @sdssurveys: Route 6563 from Cloudcroft to Sunspot has Solar System signs along road, with the Sun at the Sunspot Visitor Centre. https:… ->
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-12-11

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@_01100001011100 please send me log.txt from Stellarium to email in reply to _01100001011100 ->
@_01100001011100 are you install package from PPA? in reply to _01100001011100 ->
RT @shaunreylec: Shout out for @Scotland today's great, unpolluted skies, with milky way and.auroras! ->
RT @shaunreylec: A selection of visible reflection nebulae, my favourite to image ->
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-12-04

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Актуальные идентификации каталога «Альмагеста» — жежешечка taurus'а ->
RT @postnauka: Подборка материалов о физике элементарных частиц, адронах и кварковых звездах… ->
RT @brainpicker: A visual history of the Nobel Prize, born 120 years ago today ->
RT @Avertedvision: The 'clock-face' crater Petavius imaged this morning... Again large version is best… ->
Заключительная часть статьи по []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-11-27

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RT @Avertedvision: The impressive Rima Sirsalis — over 300km in length.Larger version here: ->
RT @HistAstro: "Working instruments of the Royal Astronomical Society" @MHSOxford. ->
RT @postnauka: Лингвист Петр Аркадьев о роли падежей в русской грамматике и их аналогах в других языках https://t.… ->
RT @Libroantiguo: #OnThisDay in 1864 Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) presented his manuscript of Alice's Adventures []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-11-06

Комментариев нет 6 ноября 2015, 23:15 • Twitter

RT @Libroantiguo: Ruth Edna Kelley .was remembered for The Book of Hallowe'en, the 1st book-length history of the holiday, 1919. https://t.… ->
RT @HistAstro: Black & white glass slide showing 6 images of eruptive prominences during a solar eclipse, c. 1920s @museumvictoria. https:/… ->
RT @NewHorizonsIMG: Amazing Nix.
#NewHorizons #PlutoFlyby #Nix #NASA ->
RT @BSDmag: An OpenBSD History []

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2015-10-30

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Visualize dependencies of binaries and libraries on Linux ->
Dawn data from Ceres publicly released: Finally, color global portraits! ->
Sharpless 112, Sh2-112, in Cygnus ->
Explore the Moon (Virtually) with These Awesome Global Maps ->
IAU 2015 Resolution B2 on Recommended Zero Points for the Absolute and Apparent Bolometric Magnitude Scales. ->
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